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    I know it has taken a long time to make this second GPD Pocket video, but I have it up now. It is a basic test of how well Steam Games run on the miniature laptop. Here is the video:

    To give you a rundown, I did tests on several games. Due to GPD severely limiting BIOS access, there are few options with enhancing performance, so what I did with these games are basically the following:

    1. Lower Graphics Settings to bare minimum other than resolution
    2. Set each game application to High Priority in Task Manager to give them more resources
    3. Use in game settings to increase FPS like the ~tll command in Skyrim/Fallout
    Here are the games tested in this video:

    • Doom 95 - Unknown FPS, but looks around 30 or so
    • Doom 3 - 40 to 60 fps
    • Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - 30 to 45 fps
    • Fallout 3 - 30 to 50 fps
    • Fallout New Vegas - 20 to 25 fps
    • HDN Rebirth 1 - 15 to 25 fps
    • Lego Star Wars TCS - 50 to 60 fps
    • Megadimension Neptunia V2 - 10 to 15 fps
    • Star Wars KOTOR II - 30 to 40 fps
    • Tomb Raider Underworld - 20 fps or so
    I have also tested Halo Combat Evolved which plays around 30 fps but forgot to put it in the video. Oops.

    But that is my PC Games Test. I will have more later.

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