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Discussion in 'Nintendo Switch' started by Terramax, May 27, 2017.

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    Well, I guess the question is; who here has a Nintendo Switch and what are your thoughts on the console and games thus far?

    I currently have a one with the following games:


    Breath of the Wild - 40 hours - Fun at times, frustrating at others. I regret buying this.
    Bomberman R - 15 hours - Very fun, especially after the 60fps update
    Puyo Puyo Tetris - 15 hours - Probably my favourite game. It's worth mentioning I've had this for the Vita for 2 years, but bought for the Switch as I love it so much.
    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 10 hours - Very fun. But the 200cc is too hard. But I enjoy online the most now.

    Digital (all games played less than 5 hours):

    FAST: RMX - Waste of money. Poor man's Wipeout. Level designs are poor, graphics seem murky. No first person mode. Forgettable soundtrack. Not work £17.
    Neo Turf Master: very fun game in short bursts. Obviously, it's not going to replace Everybody's Golf Vita any time soon.
    Blazing Star: Always wanted this game. Love it. Great graphics, gameplay and soundtrack.


    ARMS - Playing the testfire now and loving it. Day one purchase for me. I'm super excited for this one!

    I always play the game in handheld mode. I often forget it can be played as a home console.

    Have I forsaken my PS Vita? Hell no. Just the other day I ordered the Spyro trilogy and Sorcery Saga for next to nothing in price (the latter for just £3.29!)

    I'll continue to buy Vita games in the sales and play them for years to come. Especially whilst the Switch won't have too much variety for a while, and won't likely have many of the more mature games seen on Sony's offering.

    I love the console itself. No malfunctions as widely reported. It's a bit too big in some cases, especially portability wise, taking a huge amount of space in my bag. I'm always worried with how fragile it is, compared to the Vita which I've dropped multiple times with barely a mark.

    Looking forward to a long future with this console. Once Nintendo drop support of the 3DS (likely in a year from now) they'll probably direct full support to the Switch (as opposed to the past where they've divided resources between two systems, to sometimes disasterous results) and after that, expect to see the titles come flooding in.

    Also, seeing as they're releasing a number of their biggest hits with in the first year (Mario Kart, 3D Mario, Splatoon, Zelda), here's hoping they'll spend the next few years on some more original IPs ala ARMS.
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